Kanye West and Julia Fox are kissing in public! Forgot Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for many years formed one of the most popular marriages in show business, but at the beginning of clothing. celebrity filed for divorce. The stars got married in Florence in 2014 after several years of acquaintance. The couple have four children: a daughter North (born 2013), a son Saint (born 2015), as well as a daughter of Chicago (born 2018) and a son Psalm (born 2019) born by hired surrogates. . The couple have been living separately for several months and are currently awaiting the finalization of their divorce.

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Kim Kardashian recently laughed at Kanye West on the satirical show “Saturday Night Live” she hosted in early October:

I married the best rapper of all time. The richest black man in America, gifted. He is a genius who gave me four amazing children. There was only one obstacle in the way of happiness: his personality

In recent months, the celebrity has been seen several times in the company of the comedian Pete Davidson, 13 years her junior, with whom she recently worked on the set of SNL. Kanye West is also not going to wait for an official announcement of the divorce and has been dating a beautiful movie star for several weeks!

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Kanye West and Julia Fox are kissing in public! Forgot about Kim Kardashian?

For several weeks, Kanye West has been dating 31-year-old actress Julia Fox, known for her role in “Diamonds in the Rough,” in which she starred with Adam Sandler. The couple met during a New Year’s Eve party in Miami, which Fox revealed the backstage of in an interview with “The Interview” magazine. She admitted that West made a great impression on her:

He made my friends and I laugh and dance and smile all night long

The couple then flew to New York City together:

We decided to keep this energy going and fly back to New York to see “Slave Play”

After the performance, Kanye West took the actress to the hotel, where an apartment filled to the brim with designer clothes was waiting for her. The star confessed:

I have no idea how he did it or how he managed to get it all there in time. But I was very surprised. Who does things like that on a second date? On any date!

Julia Fox admitted that while the romance had only just begun, she was full of hope for the future:

I don’t know where things are going, but if that is going to point in the future, I already love this ride!

The couple does not hide their feelings, and recently the paparazzi caught them in passionate affection in a public place. Check out the new photos of Kanye West and Julia Fox in the gallery below!

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