Kanye West and Kim Kardashian together on stage! She put on a WEDDING DRESS for him!

Are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian appealing their divorce? On Thursday, August 26 in Chicago, the rapper presented his latest album Donda live. During the event, Kim Kardashian, who passed away from her husband a few months ago, unexpectedly appeared on the stage! Does a celebrity couple cancel their divorce? Kim entered the stage Kanye in a wedding dress! How are we to understand this?

Promotion of the album Donda goes better than that Kanye West might have guessed. Another listening event for the album was very popular. The media reports that despite the limited audience due to the pandemic, the rapper has already earned several million on the presentation of the new album. Perhaps the fans were additionally encouraged by the fact that the admission to the events it is also available for unvaccinated people and no negative COVID-19 test results? Or maybe just Kanye West he really is a master of marketing.

Interestingly, his wife also helps in the promotion of the rapper’s latest album, Kim Kardashian. STILL wife, because the celebrity filed divorce papers a long time ago.

Or maybe the divorce is no longer available?

Kim Kardashian in a wedding gown on the Kanye West stage

Thursday’s presentation of the Donda album was widely reported in the media, as there were some interesting surprises during the event. Unexpectedly, guests appeared on the stage where Kanye West set up a replica of his family home – DaBaby and Marilyn Manson. But the greatest confusion was caused by the presence of … his wife!

You can find photos and a video below.

Kanye West changes his SURNAME to “Ye”. He folded the papers. What about the office?

Kim Kardashian she took the stage with West’s hometown during the song “No Child Left Behind”. It was the ending piece of the event.

The celebrity appeared in a wedding dress!

Her participation in the concert is widely commented today, but journalists in the US dampen the enthusiasm of the fans. According to many of them, Kim Kardashian not at all she did not cancel her divorce from Kanye Westand only supports his work. Let’s recall that a few days ago Kim showed a photo of her playlist from the car on Insta – these were the songs from the Donda album!

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