Kanye West declares Pete Davidson ‘dead’ after breaking up with Kim Kardashian

After the international press announced the Kim Kardashian breakup and Pete Davidson, Kanye West decided to attack the show’s actor and comedian Saturday Night Live. The 45-year-old rapper posted a fake image from the newspaper The New York Times with the following headline: “Skete Davidson dead at 28”. Skete is the nickname the celebrity ex-husband uses for Pete. To this day he never explained why he used this term, certainly pejorative.

“It went too far”, considered a follower of the singer

Kanye even added another sting to the rapper Kid Cudi in the inner corner image: “Kid Cudi was supposed to appear at the funeral, but he is afraid of being thrown bottles”. Kanye’s joke about Kim and Pete’s split split the social network. “This is not funny, my dear”, commented a follower of the famous, while another considers that “it went too far”. Another netizen exclaimed, “Kanye, I love you.” “Ye is back! I repeat: Ye is back!”, joked another one.

So far, neither Kim Kardashian nor Pete Davidson has commented on the publication, which has since been deleted by Kanye West.

Pete Davidson Reacts to Breaking Up with Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is single again. the socialite and Pete Davidson decided to end their relationship after nine months together.

Neither of the two has spoken publicly about the end of their relationship, but the comedian is letting his clothes speak for him. On August 6, the former Saturday Night Live member was photographed for the first time after breaking news.

The moment was captured on the set of the movie Wizards! in Australia and the t-shirt worn by Pete Davidson expresses what he feels right now. On the shirt, the following message could be read: “What?… I’m feeling like shit”.

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Photos: Reuters and DR

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