Kanye West doesn’t want Travis Scott to collaborate with Drake, he says he’s a rapper friend – Rap Mais

“Acho que Drake ama Kanye, e que Kanye odeia que Drake o ame”, says Yusef.

During a recent participation in our podcast Rap Today With Francis, Malik Yusef affirm that Kanye West pediu a ele que não trabalhasse com Drake. Aparentemente, a preferência de Yes so that collaborators do not work with the Canadian hitmaker, they extend far and wide Yusef. According to the artist born in Chicago, West até pediu a Travis Scott that avoids collaborating like this. Além disso, Yusef accredits that our anti-Semitic comments Yes podem ter algo a ver com Drake and its ancestry judaica.

“Acho que (os antisemitic comments) were eradicated by Drake”, explained Yusef. “É o que eu acho. No, that’s all, but you say that it was. Now I’m working directly with Drake because Kanye doesn’t follow me. She says: ‘Por favor, não vá trabalhar diretamente com Drake’. Eu said: ‘Okay’. Because Kanye was inspired, I also loved Drake. It’s just like Travis Scott, but Travis says he doesn’t.”

How much motivation is there? Yes prefer that seus colaboradores avoid Drake, Yusef say that it is not certain. “Acho que Drake ama Kanye, e Kanye odeia que Drake o ame”, descreveu. “Não sino que el estar zangado com Drake has a qualquer fundamento, porque Drake tem sido nada além de gentil e good, e um bom aluno de Kanye, então não sei de onde vem a raiva. ‘Ele pegou meu estilo!’ Okay, legal. Drake pega o estilo de todo mundo. Therefore, Drake has his own unique style – it is a mix of different styles.”

Please note that your products are not subject to any collaboration between Kanye West e Drake tão cedo, Yes Supposedly this is a new album on the road. Segundo o TMZ Hip-Hop, Yes It produces new music in a constant rhythm in the last few weeks and is a “real mental state”. Uma fonte até falou com a NBC News no final do mês pasado, saying to emissora that “Nova music is imminent”.

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