Kanye West Opens Up About His Encounter With The Devil In New Song Titled “Israel”

Last March, the controversial rapper surprised his Instagram followers with a post that he ‘loves Jews again’

Kanye West, let go by his sponsors for months because of his anti-Semitic remarks, published a new song called “Israel” on Wednesday, in which he recounts his encounter with the devil. The rapper, who now professionally calls himself Ye, teamed up with Al Be Back, who posted a short clip on social media with Kanye’s verse. The song has no release date, but is expected to be released soon as part of Al Be Back’s new album titled “Dying Near a Charger”.

“Tell me right now, is it real/ Y’all talkin’ devil, I seen a close up/ Every night I could’ve told everything they told us/ They was talkin’ about the style that I said n*** Moses/ Ain “No one forgives Hoover, but we’re the closest,” Kanye raps in the promo clip, referencing Larry Houver, the founder of Chicago street gang the Gangster Disciples, who is currently serving six life sentences.

In 2022, the slippages of the star – in particular pinned down for remarks of an anti-Semitic nature – cost him dearly in terms of commercial contracts.

Adidas was forced in October to end its juicy collaboration with the American rapper, with whom the three-stripe brand produced the successful Yeezy sneakers. Since Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion last October, he has laid off thousands of employees and drastically reduced content moderation.

In July, Kanye’s Twitter account (now “X”) was reinstated after an eight-month suspension for anti-Semitism. Earlier in March, the rapper surprised his Instagram followers with a post declaring that he “loves Jews again.”

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