Kanye West’s pursuit of Kim Kardashian has a name; understand

The last month has been marked by rapper Kanye West’s constant attacks on his ex-wife, businesswoman and influencer Kim Kardashian.

With all posts deleted at the moment, the singer’s official Instagram account was dedicated to several publications aimed not only at Kim, but also at her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, and the comedian Trevor Noah, who defended the manager during the The Daily Show.

On March 17, Instagram announced that it would suspend the profile of the rapper, who has officially changed his name to Ye, for 24 hours. Three days later, Kanye was banned from performing at the Grammys because of the racist post directed at Trevor Noah.

However, an attitude like that of the singer is not limited to the world of the famous and can affect anyone: it is the cyberstalking.

What is cyberstalking?

In Brazil, the law that criminalizes stalking (obsessive stalking) was sanctioned recently: in April 2021. Law 14,132as it is called, made the act of “persecuting someone, repeatedly and by any means, threatening their physical or psychological integrity” a crime, which could lead to imprisonment from six months to two years and a fine.

the researcher Mariana Valenteassociate director of InternetLab and professor at the University of Saint Gallen, explains that stalking is mainly characterized by having an effect on the victim’s life.

“The consequences are a feeling of physical or psychological threat, and that will not necessarily result in an outcome, but that affects the person”, he says.

The threat that involves the persecution may never turn into a real action, but even so, it starts to limit the victim’s daily life. “It’s very unreasonable to ask a person to pay to see and live with a sense of threat,” says the researcher.

With the advent of technology, another form of persecution has emerged: through social networks. This is where the crime of cyberstalking.

Mariana states that persecution in digital media can occur in several ways: “people who keep sending messages in a very reiterated way, but generating this feeling of threat, even people who start to create different profiles, send [mensagens] of different numbers”.

She says that, depending on the case, the victim may become afraid to express themselves virtually because they feel extremely watched and persecuted.

Who are the biggest victims of cyberstalking?

According to a study carried out by Stalking Prevention, Awareness and Research Center (Sparc)a project created to address the issue in the United States, about one in three women have been victims of persecution at some point in their lives, while only one in six men have suffered from the crime.

According to Mariana, women are the biggest victims because of the gender dynamics established in society. “It has to do with the supposed ‘duties’ that a woman would have towards a man who likes her, a man who wants to pay attention to her, or even notions related to masculinity in the sense of achievement, power,” she explains.

What are the limitations of the stalking law?

The researcher says that criticism of the legislation involving the stalking law is that it has a “very broad” wording. Specific and isolated actions, for example, may not constitute a crime and have validity for those who apply it.

“It’s a paradox, because, of course, we have a situation to protect and that generates such a drastic effect on the lives of women who are persecuted, but the fact that the newsroom was very open created fear”, he claims.

For Mariana, it is important to create clear definitions of the problem and to facilitate the application of legislation. “Our problem never ends with the creation of the law, we have to monitor its application, how it is being interpreted and appropriated by social actors”, she concludes.

Currently, to report digital crimes, there are specialized police stations in which it is possible to register a police report.

On the SaferNet Brasil portal, a civil association governed by private law focused on the defense of Human Rights on the internet, it is possible to find where the police stations specializing in cyber crimes are located in each state of the country. If the victim does not live close to one of them, the ideal is to report it to a nearby police station.

*Intern under the supervision of Charlise de Morais

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