Kardashian Family Banned From Buying Any Ferrari Car; The brand also no longer sells cars to Justin Bieber


The luxury car brand did not specify the reason for not selling more cars to the family of socialites.

Ferrari has already banned other celebrities.  Photo: Reproduction / Official Instagram of The Kardashians
Ferrari has already banned other celebrities. Photo: Reproduction / Official Instagram of The Kardashians

Recently, news emerged that star Justin Bieber is banned from buying any Ferrari car. This happened after an unauthorized modification to a model of the brand. Therefore, the Canadian entered the automaker’s unwanted list. Now, so has the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Thus, according to the Spanish newspaper Marca, the socialites would also have joined this list of millionaires who are not allowed to buy any car from the Italian automaker. According to the publication, the action serves to maintain the image of respect for Ferrari. The specific reason for the ban was not provided.

Justin bieber

In early May, Ferrari banned singer Justin Bieber from buying new models of cars, because of negligence with his Ferrari 458. The Canadian displeased the company for leaving his car parked for his weeks, next to a nightclub in Beverly Hills. Also, he painted his 458 blue to replace the original white. Still not satisfied, he auctioned the car off. The last two violate the brand’s code of ethics, causing the singer to enter the automaker’s unwanted list.

Other celebrities on Ferrari’s unwanted list

  • Nicolas Cage, on account of auctions;
  • Floyd Mayweathe, for customizing his cars;
  • Tyga, for not paying car rentals;
  • 50 Cent, for complaining on social media about his Ferrari battery;
  • Blac Chyna, because the company doesn’t like people who buy Ferraris to show off.

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