Karin Viard swims buttocks in the air and reveals herself in her simplest device – Grazia

That’s what holidays are: freedom! And the actress proves it to us by posting on Instagram a snapshot where we see her swimming completely naked.

It smells like vacation! The French actress makes us dream by posting moments of relaxation on her Instagram account. Moreover, we see her enjoying the big blue, since she appears, swimming in the water, completely naked. A good way to avoid tan lines.

Karin Viard dives into the water, completely naked: it’s the ” freedom !

Freedom “: this is what she wrote in the caption under her photo posted on Instagram. Completely naked, she reveals herself in her simplest device. In the middle of a snorkeling session, she takes advantage of a short snorkeling trip to visit the inhabitants under the sea. Indeed, we can see her, swimming on her stomach with a snorkel and a pair of gloves that seem to be designed for scuba diving. And that’s all ! The bathing suit probably stayed on dry land.

Karin Viard’s daughter poses topless at the beach and dazzles us

Marguerite, the daughter of Karin Viard, is not angry with nudity either, quite the contrary. On her Instagram account, she posted a series of photos in which we can see her posing topless on the beach. Topless, she proudly reveals her silhouette and her tattoos. Born in 1998, we have been able to see her in cinematographic works, in particular in polishes or in The actresses’ ball.

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