Karine Le Marchand with Brad Pitt: “I was contacted by Angelina Jolie”

January 14, 2022 will forever be etched in Karine Le Marchand’s memory. It was on this date that the flagship host of the sixth channel met one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. Invited to the film premiere babylon by Damien Chazelle organized at the Grand Rex, in Paris, the godmother of the farmers had the chance to discuss with Brad Pitt. The joy and excitement were such that she couldn’t help but take a selfie with the icon of the 7th art to immortalize this magical moment. The photo, taken boldly on the red carpet, quickly made the rounds on social networks. ” I put that here… #voilaaaaaaa #bradpitt”she captioned on Instagram before adding, in story: “To piss off my girlfriends”. Since then, rumors have been swirling about the two personalities.

Karine Le Marchand under the spell of Brad Pitt

The media, intrigued by this unlikely encounter, immediately sought to learn more. In an interview with TV 7 Days on the occasion of the broadcast of the first wave of portraits of the new season of Love is in the meadowthe acolyte of Stéphane Plaza had then confided at length on his relationship with the one who gave the reply to Edward Norton in fight club in 1999. “I didn’t think my selfie would have so much resonance. He asked me my first name, but I don’t have his 06! », she revealed. Indeed, their conversation was brief, given the context of the event, but that did not prevent the host from keeping hope. Determined, she intends to recover the number of her idol. “I did not say my last word”she added.

And to continue: “His property is not far from the house that I am renovating near Aix-en-Provence, with the help of some of my friends from L’amour est dans le pré”. Months after the meeting between Karine Le Marchand and Brad Pitt, speculations and rumors continue to circulate. So much so that Alya’s mother had to make a point. This Sunday, July 30, 2023, to deny all the stories about any romance, Estelle Denis’ BFF took to her social networks to affirm that it was only about ” bullshit “. Amused by the situation, one of her friends even shared a message with her in which he claims to have “ been contacted by Angelina Jolie“. She wanted explanations because Karine does not answer her“.

The host still single

She contacted me because she saw that Karine was Miss Bech. I told her that Karine never answers numbers she doesn’t know. And it’s not against her. She was reassured.”, he added. An SMS that Karine Le Marchand wanted to share with her community. Unfortunately for the fans, nothing happens between the French host and the American actor… The star of Love is in the meadow would also be a heart to take.

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