Karol G’s bikini can’t hold so much! Demolishing photo

Karol G with her latest photos joins the list of artists in favor of size. It was seen with a bikini that can only be described as devastating because it brings out those Colombian curves that are becoming increasingly famous. Discipline is the basis of her success, and now that she is at a high point in her musical career, she will maintain the formula with maximum determination.

The only ones who will suffer will be bikinis because they will have to battle with their sensational attributes. It will not be the last time we see Karol’s body adorned with this kind of attire, because the beach is her favorite place to vacation and clear, a taste she shares with her partner and likely future husband, Anuel AA.¬†

So far in 2020, Karol G has not given details about her tours throughout America, so it is presumed to be preparing a special event to remain as the singer with the highest growth of followers in the last year.

Women of the urban genre are called to be the masters for this new reggaeton revolution of which Carolina Giraldo is a participant.

Karol G plans changes in her music

Karol’s way of betting high is not to close to a single musical style.¬†Undoubtedly, reggaeton is the genre with which it became known and is triumphing, but its musical environment has recommended expanding borders with new ingredients that may allow another arrival.

The extensive vocal range of Karol G makes it easy for you to choose between different options, this idea is still a model, but it will not take long to come true.

A winning bet that will surely open new doors. Continuing to innovate is a feature that has millions of expectant people with their new creative work. In which style do you prefer the Gender Warrior?

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