Kasia Moś about Britney Spears: maybe it will be a lesson for the press

On Friday’s “Onet Rano” the guest of the program was the famous singer Kasia Moś. In an interview with Beata Tadla, they raised a recently famous topic related to Britney Spears and her father’s guardianship since 2008.

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Kasia Moś said that she hoped that after the information that shocked the public opinion, the guardianship would be removed from the singer and she would be able to decide about her own life. In addition, she referred to the media, which in previous years did not favor the artist.

Kasia Moś about Britney Spears: maybe it will be a lesson for the press

Kasia Moś in “Onet Rano” said:

– I’ve been looking at this case and I think it will be for Britney Spears’ benefit, I think this guardianship will be taken down, I’m 100 percent for her freedom to be able to decide about her own life – she said.

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Kasia Moś

The singer was asked if it would not be as easy for people to judge others after this case as it was years ago with Britney Spears.

– I think that people do not (…) and rarely learn from their mistakes, I think so. Those who enjoy so much to pour out their bitter regrets and dissatisfaction with life on others will continue to do so. I don’t think it will change, maybe it will just be a lesson for the press not to make judgments and rethink what is being written. Because you can easily put a man on a pedestal and make him feel fantastic, but you can also destroy him very quickly, which is very sad and scary about it. – she added.

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Britney Spears

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