Kastrati, Rose and Kikolski resumed their training

Woytek, source: Legionisci.com

Lirim Kastrati, Lindsay Rose, Maciej Kikolski they reached Dubai on Wednesday evening and resumed training with the first team from Thursday. The sports director also flew to the United Arab Emirates Jacek Zieliński.

photo: Woytek / Legionisci.com
photo: Woytek / Legionisci.com
photo: Woytek / Legionisci.com
photo: Woytek / Legionisci.com


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Enchanting – 2 hours ago, * .chello.pl

Another one on vacation in the transfer window, what is the fashion in our club, it does not fit in my head. What are they flying to watch our footballers?


Waist – 2 hours ago, * .it4polska.com

@Czaro: eating a snickers might help


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