Katarzyna Bosacka recreated Andrzej Duda’s purchases from 2015. “Prices in Poland have increased by 80%.”

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Due to the galloping inflation, Katarzyna Bosacka decided to check how much the prices of basic food products have risen. To this end, she recreated the famous purchases by Andrzej Duda, which he made under the watchful eye of cameras in March 2015, complaining about the high prices under the then ruling Civic Platform.

Katarzyna Bosacka recreated Andrzej Duda’s purchases

The present president’s basket then included: 0.5 kg of sliced ​​bread, 30 eggs, 400 g of cheese, 1 l of milk and rapeseed oil, 2 l of orange juice, margarine, 1 kg of sugar and a surprise egg. He paid 37.02 zlotys for everything, which was supposed to show the high prices resulting from the rule of the party at that time.

Meanwhile, in 2022, Bosacka was forced to pay as much as PLN 67.89 for similar products in the same store, which is almost twice as much as Andrzej Duda in 2015. She noted, however, that some products differ from those used by the politician. Due to the unavailability of the store’s offer, she was forced to buy 50 g heavier cheese, 50 g heavier bread, and two egg packages – 20 and 10 pieces each.

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– We have a difference of PLN 30.87 between the amount of PLN 37.02 and PLN 67.89. And now, if we went back these almost seven years and saw that we have there “Andrzej’s basket from Krakow”, we have shown today that despite all these imperfections, prices in Poland increased by 84 percent. And counting these slight waivers in my purchases here – by 80 percent for sure – he notes.

– And this is a real indicator of both inflation and price increases, of everything that has happened in recent years. And this clearly shows us, consumers, why products are disappearing from our basket every day … – he sums up.

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