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Katarzyna Bosacka recently, the couple has been mainly unscrewing scandals with food products signed with the names of stars in the background. A journalist who has been devoted to the subject of healthy eating and consumer rights for many years, has already hit the Coca-Cola advertiser Robert Lewandowski, Friz and his drinks or You have, which in cooperation with McDonald’s has created an original set.

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Recently, Kasia visited the famous one for a change “Bagpipe basket”. In the era of rampant inflation, the journalist made a decision recreate the purchases made by the would-be president in March 2015 under the watchful eye of the cameras. 50-year-old reminded that the immortalized expedition to Biedronka, which she called “Andrzej from Krakow”, was to show the current head of state, how high are the prices in Poland.

In the video published on YouTube, Bosacka at the beginning reminded that the politician put in the basket at that time: 0.5 kg of sliced ​​bread, 30 eggs, 400 g of cheese, 1 l of milk and rapeseed oil, 2 l of orange juice, margarine, 1 kg of sugar and a surprise egg. He paid for everything PLN 37.02. The bill was supposed to prove that it was very expensive under the PO rule.

Catherine then revealed how much she spent for nearly identical purchases. She stressed that some products differ from those that Duda bought almost seven years ago. She noted that she did not find a package with 30 eggs, therefore she bought 20 from the litter run and 10 from free range. There was also no cheese packaged in 400 g, so she bought a packet of 450 g of the product. She was also forced to buy bread 50 grams heavier. Bosacka paid for her purchases PLN 67.89, which is almost twice as much as she summed up with the following conclusion:


There is a difference of PLN 30.87 between the amount of PLN 37.02 and PLN 67.89. And now, if we went back these almost seven years and saw that we have there “Andrzej’s basket from Krakow”, we have shown nowadays that despite all these imperfections, prices in Poland increased by 84 percent. And counting these slight waivers in my purchases here – 80 percent for sure – indicates and adds:

And this is a real indicator of both inflation and price increases, of everything that has happened in recent years. And this clearly shows us, consumers, why products disappear from our basket every day …

This time it will probably be difficult to invoke “Tusk’s guilt” …


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