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Breastfeeding is one of the last claims of the famous, who struggle because the recognition of the right to be with their children, and nurture them in their first months of life. The latest performer to join the cause is the american actress Kate Hudson, who has shared a photograph on Instagram in which she appears breast-feeding her daughter Valerie Rose, of three months. The image has gone viral in a few hours and rubs 900,000 likes in a few days.

“When you’re working but babies have to eat,” wrote the actress alongside the image, captured by chilean photographer-canadian Nino Muñoz. Mother and daughter appear, dressed in pink and Hudson looks at the camera while the nurses on a break from her work. The small Rani Rose is the third of three children and the first baby she has had with her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, 32-year-old guitarist of the band Chief.

The winner of a Golden Globe for Almost famous he has been married to singer Chris Robinson, and with him had their first child, Ryder Russell, who already has 15 years. He then had to Bingham Hawn, of seven years, with Matt Bellamy, also a musician. Now, to his 39 years and with a new baby, is eager to continue expanding the family, as stated in the tv program Today Show. “I always thought I would have between four and six children. When you come from a big family, or don’t want children or want many. I’ve always thought that he would have many”.

Before meeting his current partner he thought his family was already created, but after starting their relationship in 2017, everything changed. “On the one hand I thought I had already met and suddenly I met Danny,” he confessed. Decided that “it would swell” and did not rule out repeat, since you would like your partner to have a male child. For the moment, Hudson —daughter of actress Goldie Hawn and winner of an Oscar and a Golden Globe— is very satisfied with the family that has formed. “Fifteen years and a newborn, it is a generation completely different. My son looked at me and said, ‘Mom, when I’m 30 years she will be 16’. It is amazing to think that I have a son of 30 years and a daughter in the institute.”

Between your first and your last maternity lot of things have changed. “I am now decidedly much more responsible, I am a better mother,” she admitted, joking that with the small Rani is not wrong as much as was wrong with Ryder, his firstborn. His work has also been changing. Now she owns a clothing company deprotiva, Fabletics, which offers you more stability and allows you to choose movies that makes.

Gone are the times in which he traveled the world with his first son when he was small. “My life now is different, I’m doing things different. Ryder and I had seven years of a nomadic life. It was wonderful. He was always supported in my hip, traveled the world, came everywhere with me while I was shooting movies. When you add another child to the mix everything becomes more complicated. I tried to do the same thing and I realized that I would have to spend more time at home. Now I have achieved a good balance. Honestly, everything is trial and error. The first is the guinea pig.”

Hudson is the first Hollywood star to claim the reconciliation of work and breastfeeding in 2019, although it is not, or much less, pioneer. The most powerful image in a long time, starred in the interpreter The journal of Noah, Rachel McAdams, which closed in 2018, the year of women’s empowerment, with a gesture of feminist who was mimicked by the singer and actress Hilary Duff. Years before he did the supermodel-brazilian Giselle Bünchen, who posed breastfeeding her baby while a team of three people took care of their makeup, hairstyle and manicure.

The gateway was the place where the model Mara Martin visibilizó this practice, still taboo for many, and his partner Miranda Kerr is one of the who has reported to have received looks of disapproval. Both famous as anonymous have supported in social networks a movement that has come to be known as brelfie —a mixture of breast (chest, in English) and selfie— and that encourages them to normalize something that is already natural in and of itself. Actresses such as Liv Tyler, Angelina Jolie and Mila Kunis, in an interview in the magazine Vanity Fair rejected that this practice is criticised —“if you don’t like it, don’t look”— have also encouraged them to naturalize breastfeeding in public.

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