Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are fans of AESTHETIC MEDICINE? Specialists judge: “Botox, nose correction, bigger breasts”

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle they are treated by fans of the royal family as two extreme personalities. Although both represented the queen a dozen or so months ago, William’s wife is still considered an icon of class and style with an almost crystal image, while Meghan, according to many, has never earned a similar opinion.

Although Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle sometimes they are presented in a contrasting manner, and soon they had a lot in common. It is true that after “Megxit” their paths irretrievably diverged, and the ladies reportedly did not have the best relations, but the press has been looking for years for what could be a common point for them. Ironically, there is no shortage of opinions that it could have been, among other things … passion for aesthetic medicine.


Although show business is famous for its love of fillers and minor corrections, similar accusations against Kate and Meghan cause a lot of nervousness among fans of royals. However, they have been appearing for years and despite every denial on the part of the Palace, there are still people who announce that William and Harry’s wives could have tweaked this and that.

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Years ago, the following spoke on this matter, among others Dr. Vartan Mardirossian, who maintained that Kate uses botox from time to time around her forehead. He argued this not only with the duchess’s smooth skin, but also with photos in which one of her eyebrows was located higher than the other. Two years later for the injection of the so-called She was also accused of “baby botox” by the Dr Medi SPA clinic in London.


The aforementioned surgeon also spoke about Meghan’s beauty, but here the matter is more complicated. Over the years, he and other doctors have maintained that her nose has become slimmer, her teeth are whitened and filed, her skin is smoother, and her bust is slightly lifted and firmer, as reported, among others, by “Globe” magazine. Recently, there have also been rumors that Meghan could fill the valleys of tears with hyaluronic acid to get rid of “black eyes”.

But why is the topic returning to the wallpaper right now? Well, Kate appeared twice at the stadium during the England matches during Euro 2020 and it presented itself there in a new, supposedly slightly “smoothed” version. Commenting on social media estimates that Kate could once again add “freshness”, and her facial expressions would reveal signs of surrendering to the aforementioned botox.

It is worth mentioning that the Palace has repeatedly denied rumors that Kate had a weakness for aesthetic medicine. Meghan, in turn, never commented on the matter, but her photos from the past are for many proof that she could help nature a bit – whether earlier as an aspiring actress or already a member of a famous family.

Do you think that someday we will know the actual secrets of their beauty?


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