Kate Middleton and the (unsuspected) secret of her beauty routine

Over the years Kate Middleton seems not to have changed at all and has a smooth face: the merit is of her beauty routine. Here’s what she uses on a daily basis.

40 years and not hear them. This is precisely the case with Kate Middleton, who in January of this year it reached the much feared door.

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Yet the skin on her face it still appears smooth, luminous, relaxed. “Merit of the” real “life she leads, which will certainly allow her to have doctors and surgeons unattainable for us mere mortals”, this is what many think.

But the truth is very different from what is believed. If we told you that the secret of Kate Middleton’s beauty routine it is a cream, among other things low cost, so accessible to everyone?

Yes, that’s right, the secret of her eternal youth is a gel to be precise cruelty free, vegan and also cheap.

In short, the Duchess of Cambridge is an example of a woman who cares about preserve the planet and not to spend a fortune to do what it could do for a few pounds.

But which gel are we talking about? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

The secret of Kate Middleton’s beauty routines

A very simple botox effect gel cream: this is the secret of Kate Middleton’s beauty routine.

Kate Middleton beauty routine
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No pricks, no surgeon, no woman of the realm glories: just a very simple gel, to be applied during daily skin care.

Let’s talk about the Supreme Skin Gel by Biotulinwhich in its formula has a mix of ingredients – strictly vegetable, because we do not want to ruin the environment that surrounds us, to help our face to be young – selected to smooth.

So let’s talk about a natural alternative to botox, which in fact has the same effect, but is sustainable in both economic and environmental terms.

We solve so many problems in one and we are happier (and a happy face is also less exposed to the risk of wrinkles).

Also known as “Botox in bottle”, it seems that this gel has really conquered everyone, landing as far as Hollywood.

Kate Middleton would not be the only one to have included it in her beauty routine, but she would have been just the opener of a long line of VIPs and Royals who have decided to use it daily to look younger.

Between these Madonna, Letizia of Spain, but also Leonardo Di Caprio, just to name a few “random” names.

Speaking of global super stars, here is also Blake Lively’s beauty secret that we should all copy.

But what does this gel contain and why is it so effective? Let’s start by saying that the “miraculous” gel does not come from Great Britain at all, but comes from Germany.

Contains Spilanthol, a local anesthetic. We have to put our face to sleep to make it appear smooth, you may think?

No, you will not feel this anesthetic is in very small quantities, so it only serves to reduce muscle contractions. This relaxes the face, thus smoothing out wrinkles as well.

Precisely because of this ability, we should use this gel especially in the eye area, therefore in the eye contour in essence, because it is there that the unsightly – but very common even among the youngest – crow’s feet are formed.

In fact, these are expression lines, which therefore do not even wait for the door to come and greet us, but which often appear even before the age of 30.

But this is not the only ingredient present in the gel formulation of course. Among its components, there is the Imperata Cylindrica, a plant also known as “blady grass”, which is used to hydrate.

Hydration is needed over the years because it is the first step to make our face smooth, luminous, plumped up.

Another key ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which is the anti-age par excellence and serves precisely to make our skin always toned.

But how is this gel applied? Simply as if it were a lotion. Let’s start by saying that very little is needed, so it is better not to exceed it, but it is still absorbed quickly.

Its effect lasts an average of 9 hours, so if applied in the morning it should give our skin a “younger” appearance almost until the evening.

The other point in favor of this gel? The price. In fact, in Italy it costs less than 50 euros. Let it not be said that the royals spend and spread therefore.


  • POWERFUL BOTOX EFFECT: BioBotox Skin Care Serum is a clear, odorless gel with immediate effect. Thanks to its high active ingredients which, in addition to making it a moisturizing face serum, act with a botox effect, lifting effect, tightening effect, plumping effect, eliminating wrinkles, micro-expression lines and signs of aging from the first use.
  • POWERFUL LIFTING EFFECT: in addition to being a specific anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatment, the BioBotox Skin Care SERUM face tonic serum has a light texture, deeply nourishes the skin: moisturizes, tones, brightens and redensifies. You are visibly + young, + beautiful with the complete safety of organic naturalness certified by BIOCERTITALIA – BCI
  • HOW TO USE – Apply a small amount of anti-wrinkle serum for women and men on the face and massage with circular movements until completely absorbed.
  • MADE IN ITALY QUALITY: The formulation and production of the hyaluronic acid face serum are strictly Made in Italy; It is supplied in an elegant 30 ml hermetic black glass bottle with a practical dosing pump and safety cap to guarantee a perfect dosage. Argan Milano Bio Cosmetics uses advanced biotechnology techniques and is committed to creating cosmetics that are safe for the skin and the environment in full respect for all that is life.
  • INCI: Aqua, Sodium Hyaluronate *, Panthenol, Niacinamide, Argania spinosa Kernel Oil *, Acmella Oleracea Extract *, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin * * Organic farming products certified by BIOCERTITALIA – BCI
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