Kate Middleton and William, the most beautiful photos from Belize: “We would like to show our children this wonderful land”

It is a business trip – the work of the working members of the royal family is this – but it seems above all one wonderful holidaythis trip to the Caribbean of the Dukes of Cambridge.

William And Kate Middleton they arrived in Belize March 19, the first stop on a tour that will take them to Jamaica and then at Bahamas and apart from one small snag – when the residents of Indian Creek they demonstrated with a protest garrison right on the ground on which the Cambridge were supposed to land by helicopter, which led organizers to cancel the visit to a cocoa plantation – everything is going according to plan.

Between dance with the localsexcursions in Mayan archaeological sitesand walks in the jungle to visit the British Army Training Support Unit (which even took fans to compare Kate Middleton to Lara Croft), the royal couple so far she can be said to be satisfied with this beginning of the journey, which seems to be extinguishing the controversies which preceded it.

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“Catherine and I are delighted to be here with you tonight in Belize, and you could not have chosen a more beautiful and evocative set than this”, William began in the speech he gave last night during the reception at the Mayan archaeological site of Cahal Pechwhich closed the first tranche of the tour of the Dukes in the Caribbean. At the reception, chaired by the Governor General of Belize and organized as part of the celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth IIattended by the prime minister Johnny Briceño and all the authorities of the State of Belize, e William, in his speech, did not miss the opportunity to pay homage to the country without pomposity but with all-British frankness and humor: “This morning we had the opportunity to visit the extraordinary ruins of Caracol, in the deepest jungle, and to be amazed in front of to the ingenuity of your Mayan ancestors. Besides, climbing all those steps was an effective one physical exercise! ” He then recalled the events of recent days, the warmth of the people, the richness and cultural variety of the country and chocolate, “which George, Charlotte and Louis would have liked so much”.

There was no lack of references to pandemicas this is the first official trip of the royal couple after the Covid emergency, and to the crisis in Ukraine. And William congratulated Belize which “joined many other countries in the firm condemnation of the invasion and always promotes principles of peace, security and international law ”. “Also today let’s think about Ukraine and we are in solidarity with them, ”added the Duke of Cambridge.

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