Kate Middleton dethroned. This is what the most stylish princess in Europe looks like

  • Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were not at the top of the ranking of the prestigious “Tatler” magazine for “the most stylish aristocrat”
  • They were overtaken by the members of the princely family of Monaco – Beatrice Borromeo
  • What do we know about the new style icon?
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In recent years, Princess Kate Middleton she was second to none in choosing the “most stylish princess” in Europe. However, it was difficult to disagree with the chapter responsible for the plebiscite, because the wife of Prince William has been said to be an icon of style for many years. All those who expected the princess of Cambridge to win the ranking of British Tatler magazine again, they were severely disappointed. In that case, did the mentioned title go to another representative of the British royal family, for example Meghan Markle? Well, no, Prince Harry’s wife did not take Kate Middleton’s place. Both ladies “reconciled” Beatrice Borromeo. Who is the new style icon?

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Kate Middleton dethroned. This is what the most stylish princess in Europe looks like

Both Princess Kate and Meghan Markle in recent years have proved to be women who are not afraid of bold combinations, colors and patterns. However, as mentioned, this did not ensure their success in choosing “the most stylish aristocrat”. She won Beatrice Borromeo, how did the 36-year-old seduce the readers of the “Tatler” magazine?

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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle had to recognize the superiority of Beatrice Borromeo

Beatrice Borromeo was hailed as a new style icon among aristocrats. The 36-year-old from Italy is a model and journalist. Woman thanks to the marriage with Pierre Casiraghi, who is the grandson of Grace Kelly, became a member of the Monakia princely family.

According to the “Tatler” magazine, the “most stylish aristocrat” did not find her way to the Monakia court by accident. After all, Beatrice comes from an aristocratic home. Her father is Count Arony Carlo Ferdinando Borromeo, and her mother is Paola Marzotto.

The beloved of the younger son of Princess Carolina of Monaco certainly deserved the aforementioned title. The Italian style icon during the wedding with Pierre Casiraghi in 2015 showed up in four styles.

Her favorite fashion houses are: Valentino, Armani and Chanel. You have to admit that the members of the British royal family have grown a lot of competition in the person of the beautiful Beatrice Borromeo.

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