Kate Winslet on Avatar and the door of the Titanic

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Kate Winslet is among the protagonists of Avatar – The street of the water. And she tells how, to star in James Cameron’s new film, she broke a promise she made 25 years ago, right after the end of Titanic. And of that scene that has now gone down in history and that still makes fans discuss. Getty photo

He swore: never again. Instead, here she is. Was it “the mountain of money” you spoke of 25 years ago? Apparently not. “We’re just older and wiser.” And there’s still that age-old issue of the raft carrier from the finale of Titanic which deserves a reflection. In short, Kate Winslet is a raging river these days of world tour to present Avatar – The way of water. Basically, work with James Cameron teaches many things. And temper the character.

Avatar the Water Way (2022)

Kate Winslet in Avatar: The Water Way plays Ronal, one of the Na’vi. She is the pregnant mate of Tonowari (Cliff Curtis), the head of the Metkayina reef clan, of which she is one of the divers.

Who is Kate Winslet in Avatar – The Run of the Water

Kate Winslet is the most famous graft of Avatar – The way of water. The sequel to his blockbuster film that took James Cameron more than 10 years to complete. The English actress plays Ronal, one of the Na’vi. She is Tonowari’s pregnant partner (Cliff Curtis), the head of the Metkayina reef clan, of which she is one of the divers. They are the ones who welcome Jake’s family (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) as refugees.

Ronal is expecting a baby in the film. Which Winslet describes as an extremely important aspect of the character. “Pregnant women are able to do a lot. People don’t always think that. Jim knows what women are capable of and is totally in awe of them. I love that he put it in his film of him, because it’s clear that he really admires the physical ability of pregnant women. It was a wonderful thing to participate in,” commented the actress.

James Cameron: the crazy costs of Avatar 2 (and the rebuke to Leonardo DiCaprio for Titanic)

Kate Winslet’s Broken Promise (for $6 million)

For Ronald, Kate broke a promise she made more than 25 years ago: never again on a set with James Cameron. Or rather, in an old interview, Winslet had told of the “unbelievable temper” of the director of Titanic (1997). Adding that she would never work with him again except “for a lot of money”. Her salary for Avatar 2 is said to be in the $6 million range. Enough, apparently, to change her mind.

Or maybe not. Because, she says, “he has softened a lot with age.” And it’s also true that “we’re older, wiser and different people,” the actress told the site Yahoo UK. “Creatively, I hope I’ve learned a lot and he’s definitely evolved tremendously as a director and as a person.”

James Cameron has learned to admit that he is wrong

“He’s as driven and determined as he’s always been, but, my God, he’s a real genius. Watching him at work and seeing the details, he’s the one running the show. He is the only one who knows what must happen to fulfill his vision of him. And he is always right. The nice thing is, when he’s not right, he now he says, “Yeah, that was a mistake. It would never have worked, but I wanted to try it to see and yes, I was wrong”. So it’s really reassuring to know that he’s able to say, “I could have had a better idea for that thing.” We’re all like that, so I really appreciated that aspect of Jim. He was fantastic.”

Leonardo Dicaprio

James Cameron gives directions to Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the climax scene of Titanic (1997): could Jack have been saved? Would the raft carrier support his weight as well?

Titanic’s raft carrier and that question about Jack’s death (Leonardo DiCaprio)

It goes without saying that the presence on the same set of so much water, Kate Winslet and James Cameron brings to mind a memorable scene. Entry into the collective imagination. And in the pseudo-scientific and engineering discussions of all of us: the notorious raft carrier of Titanic.

“It’s funny, the door seems to have made a comeback in recent years. I don’t know why,” Kate laughs. Referring to the famous ending of the scene where Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) sacrifices herself so that Rose can survive by floating alone on a door that broke away from the ship that sank. The question is always the same: could that makeshift raft have held the weight of both of them and saved them?

“It seems like people do all kinds of experiments to figure out if they really could have stood in the door together. It is funny. It’s one of those unanswered questions. We’ll have to go back there again and see if, in the end, we really succeed.” Maybe he can convince his great friend Leonardo DiCaprio. When pressed by Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, he limited himself to saying: «no comment»… However, data in hand, Jack could have saved himself…


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