Kate Winslet opens up about the harassment she suffered in her early days

Kate Winslet says she started her career as the “fat kid” in the “wrong shoes.”

The 47-year-old Titanic actress is now worth $65 million and won a best actress Oscar in 2009 for her role in ‘The Reader,’ but says she spent years to being targeted because of her figure before becoming famous.

She told Vogue about her journey after feeling like “the fat one at the back (of class) with the wrong f****** shoes”: “I was always told I didn’t have the good form. I was always told that I had to settle for less.”

When asked why she didn’t give up on her acting dreams, Kate replied: “‘Because I wasn’t going to take that crap from anyone.’

Kate is now happy with three children: Mia, 22, who she had with her first filmmaker husband Jim Threapleton, as well as her son Joe, 19, who she had with director Sam Mendes, 58. , and her son Bear, 9, whom she had with her husband Edward Abel Smith.

She was noticed at the age of 17 by Peter Jackson in “Heavenly Creatures”, a dark tale based on the true story of two young girls who killed a woman in 1950s New Zealand.

Three years later, she became a global star thanks to the role she landed in James Cameron’s film “Titanic”.

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