Kate Winslet turns with a series based on a Pulitzer-winning novel: as it is ‘Fortuna’

During this time there are some stories in which periodists have the same story for their fiction, some of the most recognizable ones cite this year’s book by Hernán Díaz, Fortuna, as one of the elegidos for this grata task. Acababa de leer Trust, confianza, del mismo autor y me extrañó que pudiera sacar a la luz otro libro en tan escaso lapse, teniendo en cuenta la completa de la obra. Indeed, Trust and Fortuna is the same text, although the Spanish version – correctly translated – deprives us of one of the narrative skills, because we trust that we cannot hold on to the characters of the novel nor other versions of it. the mismos hechos, minetras que Fortuna hace referencia solo a uno de los attributes de los pareja protagonista: her inmensa riqueza riqueza y a la suerte que les permitió acceder a ella.

However, ‘trust’ also means oligopolie and sobre todo, fideicomiso, esa figura jurídica basada en la confianza, ‘fides’, por la que un propietario transmits la titularidad y la management de un bien o bienes con ciertas condiciones. This double or triple sentiment is the one that recorres all the novel, where we oblige to change every position to try to encounter the truth between contradictory texts.

The author is a persona of different faces. Born in Buenos Aires in 1973, his family exiled him to Suecia as part of the military of 76. He returned to Argentina to promote democracy. Resides in New York and teaches at Columbia University in this city. Write in English.

In 2017 I read the attention of the new literary world with the book In the Distance, A lo lejos, which was finalized by the Pulitzer and which was defined as “perfect”. In this year 2023 the award will finally be awarded by Trust.

The story is related: a novel we describe in the New York of the 20s of the past years, the life of Benjamin and Helen Rusk: a genius of Wall Street and a silent and gifted young man from an eccentric family came to men that llegan to the economic and social dimension. But then we hide the doors of the story, the secrets are hidden but impenetrable.

The title of the novel in the middle of the novel is igual of ambivalent, Bonds, in the English version, Obligations in the Spanish, the vinculos in the first case, the corporate bonds and estates in the future and also the need to pay a couple in the second. All the variants are sirven.

If you understand the short story of the story, it is the beginning of the story of other people, but it is the same, even in the version it contains in the form of an autobiography, by the immensely rich man of negotiations that he used so much of his number as her women: Andrew and Milfred Bevel. Therefore, all the changes and the reader will find one of these moments when they create a mysterious animal that does not exist but many people see and know if the characters of the novel and the autobiography that its mismos, with Distintos numbers and different behaviors, they really exist.

To finish reading the autobiography, there is a new door that promises clarity between the antagonistic versions but which irremediably leaves confusion and intrigue. By authorship, a young Italian secretariat will decide on the version that signals the magnate, that you are on the path, but on the way you will discover new realities that you have to review all of them. In one guide the reader illustrates the writing by Ida Partenza ‘partida’, which is a word that is often used in the Italian language in which the expression ‘point of partenza’ means reversed at the beginning. While Ida creates to hold the truth in the alcance of the hand to do cambia de nuevo, con lo que ya no hay certeza quede en pie y hay que volver al ‘punto di partenza’.

The compilation of Ida was centered in 1938, but it was narrated in 1981 when it was only one of the most famous people in the world because it lacked real value, but the author still had more emotional value.

This literary history of social classes, riqueza, engaño and codicia is written in an elegant and sophisticated prose that immediately received the alabanzas of the hard critics of the main American media like the New York Times, The New Yorker or Los Angeles Times that the Brilliant qualification and inclusiveness in the case of a master.

Hernán Diaz all of you are offered to watch the Trust Cinema. Opted for Kate Winslet’s miniseries for HBO. Magnificent election. What we don’t know is that the Spanish version is called Fortuna.

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