Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom in turmoil: an 83-year-old veteran accuses them of having stolen his house

650 square meters, twelve bathrooms for six bedrooms… At first glance, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry’s $14.2 million dream villa is a house of stars like any other. But the story behind its 2020 acquisition is anything but rosy.

Disputed sale

Carl Westcot, an 83-year-old American army veteran, accuses the actor and singer of having dispossessed him of this house located in Montecito. The one who served in the US Army accuses them of having sealed the sale when he was not in full possession of his means. He took legal action against them. According to official documents held by the New York PostCarl Westcot believes that he “lacked the mental capacity to understand the nature and probable consequences of the contract”.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom as Brangelina

The octogenarian indeed suffers from Huntington’s disease, a disease “rare and hereditary which is manifested by motor, cognitive and psychiatric disorders which evolve in sawtooth and progressively worsen until the patient becomes bedridden and intellectually deteriorates” according to the Inserm definition. The trial between Westcot and Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry will take place in August.

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