Katy Perry Closes the Year With Great Success and Happiness in Her Life

Despite the hard times she had to go through in recent years, Katy Perry closes this 2020 in the best way

United States.- It has been a very difficult year for everyone due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, a disease that continues to plague many, although for others it was a great life lesson about how fragile it is and how much it It should be enjoyed as if each day were the last and seize the moments with the most loved ones before any limitation can happen.

In the case of Katy Perry everything has been different, the singer began the year by remembering the difficult moments she lived in the past, however, she managed to get ahead of all that darkness thanks to music, which has been “saving” her for more over a decade and for which he has achieved great success within the music industry.

Although the singer was about to take her life due to depression after her breakup with Orlando Bloom, the poor reception of her 2017 album and the strong criticism she received after changing her look, this year 2020 has been the big change for her, Well, starting the year, he uncovered the great happiness that life had brought him.

In March of this year, the singer announced that she was expecting her first child with Orlando Bloom, causing great emotion among her loyal fans. The announcement came with the release of the single ‘Never worn white’, a theme that she coupled with an incredible and emotional video in which she shows her advanced pregnancy after hiding it.

Later he released the lead single off his new album, this was named ‘ Daisies ‘ and although it did not achieve the expected success, it did have better reception and touched everyone by showing a vulnerable Katy from the patio of her home in California, recording with about five months of gestation something very homemade.

Later it was announced that her fifth studio album would be called “Smile” and would be released in August of the same year, news that once again made the interpreter the center of attention in the music industry.


This album was one of the most anticipated of 2020, although its date had to be postponed until the end of the month, which unexpectedly was the date that his first daughter was born and caused a great revolution on the Internet. The Itsy of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom was born on August 26, one day before the release of the disc.

Achieving great commercial success and a great reception from the public, “Smile” became one of the most acclaimed albums of the year, leaving behind that failure she felt with her previous album “Witness”. During an interview, she commented that the album is about “finding the light at the end of the tunnel” and getting her smile back, a project after she fell into depression in 2017.

At that time he revealed that he had struggled with depression and bad thoughts, but it was gratitude that saved his life, which is why the album is also defined as his “journey towards the light, with stories of resistance, hope, and love”. Fortunately, this 2020, one of the most difficult years for the world, Katy will close it in the best possible way.

A few days after saying goodbye to this year, Katy Perry closes it in the best way, since she maintains a stable relationship with her partner, her parents, her brothers, with physical and mental health, success in the music industry, and with her little Daisy Dove Bloom in her arms, one of the greatest wishes she has ever had in her life.

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