Katy Perry is working on a new album

In a new interview, Katy Perry has revealed that she is writing new songs.

Katy Perry fans have been clamoring for new music for a while now, and in an interview with Good Morning Americathe singer revealed where she is in the process of writing new songs.

I haven’t released new songs since my dear DaisyPerry said, referring to her daughter with Orlando Bloom. I think I write a lot and I’ve written a lot loaded with love, because I feel so much…so much unconditional love, this love that you never knew existed. »

The interviewer added that Perry described his new music as being ” light and bright “.

I’m still writing, but I think what’s really important to me is celebrating the world I’ve been able to build with all of these wonderful songs and being responsible for a lifeshe said. I’ll be back, but let me make it right. »

Last year, Perry told RollingStone that being a mother greatly influenced her writing: ” For me, this is certainly what was most profound. I was able to walk through this and feel that feeling of love that I have always sought. »

Perry added that after her residency is over, she hopes to get back on the road and do it with ” new music “. She also talked about her writing process: I like to meditate before I write a song in order to be open and clear, and everything that needs to go through me and this pen goes through me. Sometimes I like to take a real emotional and psychological journey when I’m writing a record. I’m working on some of my emotions and maybe some issues that I need to resolve. Sometimes I go back to therapy to process things through my music. So there’s a real emotional and internal inquiry that takes place when I start writing new music.. »

A few weeks ago, Katy Perry celebrated the anniversaries of three of her albums (15 years for One of the Boys13 years for Teenage Dream and 10 years for Prism) with the release of a box set. ” I don’t really believe in birthdays, I don’t usually celebrate them, but this year it was too good to be truePerry said in a video message posted to his Instagram. These are monumental numbers and I thought we were going to do something special with them. »

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