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After consolidating herself on TV with “American Idol”, the singer Katy Perry will also bet on the cinema. She will star in the animated musical film “Melody”, voicing the title character. The announcement was made this Tuesday (10/5).

Melody is a kind-hearted and insecure singer who must overcome the evil plans of Rose Stellar, a jealous and perverse pop star who has vowed to destroy her. Katy Perry will co-produce the film and also compose the music.

"melody": Katy Perry to star in animated musical film
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“I am a 37-year-old woman who still struggles with insecurity. I’ve realized that everyone is insecure and that if you’re not, I wonder if you have some negative traits because of that. I am a huge fan of the animation world, and as my daughter is two years old, I am more immersed in it than ever,” she says. Katy Perry.

Katy Perry Is Excited For “Melody”

The singer fell in love with the plot about self-confidence “I realized, laying the groundwork for my daughter to be fearless, confident and courageous, that you never have enough movies with such strong themes of empowerment.”it says.

"melody": Katy Perry to star in animated musical film
(Photo: Getty Images / POPline Authorized Use)

“Melody” will produce and direct Jeremy Zag (from “Miraculous: Chibi”). The project will be presented by CAA Media Finance at the Cannes Market event next week. Jeremy has had this idea for years, and he believes that now is the best time to get it off the ground, because he has Katy.

“After all these years, I’m glad I didn’t do the movie sooner, because I just feel ready now. I’ve never seen anyone as creative as Katy, who embodies this character.” it says.

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