Katy Perry to star in new musical animation, “Melody”

Katy Perry will star in a new musical animation called “Melody”. According to Deadline, the singer has been cast to voice the title character of the film, described as “a sweet, shy singer with a magical voice that must surpass the jealous and evil pop diva Rose Stellar”.

Also according to Deadline, Katy will not only voice the protagonist, but is also credited as a co-producer, and will compose and perform the theme song for the film.

The artist explained to the newspaper that the theme of the film attracted her because it was about self-confidence, something that made her reflect on the creation of her own daughter with Orlando Bloom, Daisy Dove, 20 months.

“I realized, in laying the groundwork for my own daughter to be fearless, confident and courageous, that you don’t have enough movies with such strong themes of empowerment,” Katy said.

“I’m a big believer in trying everything once and not just being backstage,” she added. “I’m encouraging my daughter to be fearless because she has a mother and father who are fearless. You don’t want to live 10% of what life has to offer. Why not 100%?”

The film’s director and producer, Jeremy Zag, told Deadline that he had been thinking about the “Melody” plot for years, and that working with the singer helped him develop the vision.

“Melody is someone who has to believe in herself, and in order to do that, she has to learn to love herself before considering how people view her,” he said. “Big pop stars live in golden castles, they’re famous, paparazzi everywhere, but for a little girl there’s passion and fear. And I’ve never seen anyone as creative as Katy, who so embodies that character.”

There is still no information on the release date of the animation “Melody”.

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