Katy Perry: “Working on a new album soon”

Involved in her long residency in Las Vegas, Katy Perry he still found the time to exchange a few chats with the actress and friend Drew Barrymore for his show and reveal some insight into his next moves. According to what has been said, the singer seems in fact willing to get “soon” a work on new music which he would then like to have fans around the world listen to.

Katy Perry: new album and then world tour

The vocals of “I kissed a girl” let slip a few detail on his future plans while reflecting with Drew Barrymore on the differences between Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, this is the name of the pop star, in real life and Katy Perry as an artist who performs on stage. “I think the person on stage is obviously a character,” the singer explained, before emphasizing: “I love my current showit’s my favorite show”. Before the disbelief of her friend Drew, Katy Perry then made it known: “Soon, probably, I will write and make another record. Then later I’ll do the world Tour and it will be great”. A new album would come to offer a following the previous work “Smile” which, released in the summer of 2020, contained the singles “Daisies” and “Not the end of the world”.

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