Kaufland received a fine of 140 million from the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. There is an answer: A marginal percentage of omissions

Kaufland was fined by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection with two fines worth PLN 137 million. The first concerns the unfair use of a stronger negotiating advantage. Kaufland is to pay PLN 124 million for this. UOKiK also imposed a fine of PLN 13.2 million for incorrect labeling of vegetables. The company may appeal against the decision of the Office.

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Kaufland is responsible for UOKiK

We asked Kaufland to comment on the decision of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. According to the information from Tuesday (January 4), the company did not receive an official decision from the Office until Monday.

We will be able to address the allegations presented by the above-mentioned Office after receiving and analyzing the issued decisions

says Kaufland.

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From the very beginning, in both proceedings of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, we showed full willingness to cooperate and a willingness to reach an agreement. We are convinced that our actions complied with the applicable regulations, but for prudential reasons we adjusted them to the remarks raised by the Office

– added the company.

Kaufland on vegetable prices

In response to our question, the company only referred to practices related to incorrect labeling of vegetables.

To reduce the risk of error in marking the country of origin of vegetables and fruit, we have implemented a solution that goes beyond the industry practice – electronic price labels. Thus, information about the price and origin of products is regularly and automatically updated in our stores

explains Kaufland.

The inspection, on the basis of which the allegation was formulated, indicated a marginal percentage of oversights in the context of the entire wide range of vegetables and fruit available in the chain stores

– summarizes the chain of stores.

You can read the full text of the statement in the photo gallery for this article.

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