Keanu Reeves blacklisted from Hollywood for 15 years? According to them this has happened because of this decision.

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The Matrix, John Wick, or even Speed ​​or Knock Knock, the same should be said Keanu Reeves has loomed large in our video game landscape for several years, and it continues along the coast of popularity that does not stop growing. Nevertheless, the latter claimed that he has been blacklisted by Hollywood, but why?

Keanu Reeves, Hollywood’s Sweetest Man?

This is actually confirmed by the actor who lent his features and voice to the character Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077. Keanu ReevesWhich is now world famous and above all hugely popular and appreciated by all, remained indifferent with Fox for many years after the decision was made. In an interview with GQ in 2019, he revealed that he has decided not to film the sequel to Speed, i.e. Speed ​​2: Into Danger.Because apart from being tired from his many shoots, he was not really convinced with the script.

anymore, 20th Century Fox studios would not have contacted him for 15 years,

It was a tough decision, I really enjoyed shooting and doing the speed. The film did very well, so we said to ourselves ‘let’s do it again’. At that time, I was shooting for a film called Chain Reaction. I was in Chicago and I read the script. This film was very physical. (…) They showed me the script and I didn’t see it. I didn’t understand. That’s why I couldn’t do it. I believe I didn’t work at Fox for 15 years after that, but I don’t know. This is just a theory. I started working on it again, but it took 15 years.

Keanu Reeves

It must be said that despite this blacklist, it didn’t really affect our actor’s career because only a few years later, we were able to find him in The Matrix and, above all, in the John Wick saga!

Famous John Wick saga soon in video game?

A few weeks ago, we announced that a game on John Wick was indeed in the works! Besides having the right of fifth creation, joe drakeThe president of Lionsgate Film Productions had said that the AAA title is indeed in the works.

We’re expanding this franchise, not only in AAA video games, but given the regular cadence of the merchandise, TV is really expanding this universe in a way that there’s a steady cadence of a franchise that the public can tune in to. There is a clear appetite.

joe drake

Unfortunately, there’s no release window, but it will be soon and we’ll certainly keep you posted on the latest details.

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