Kehlani will soon release his fifth solo album

Kehlani – one of the most important figures in modern R&B informed us that he will be releasing his fifth solo soon. Check why its premiere is so exciting!

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From the very beginning, her career developed at a dizzying pace. Seven years ago, she released her debut mixtape entitled Cloud 19. From that moment on, she managed to achieve a lot on the music scene. From two nominations for the award Grammy by appearing on the list Hot 100 Billboard, to a contract with one of the greatest majors – Atlantic Records. He has collaborated with the hottest nicknames in the game, such as Cardi B, Ty Dolla $ ign if Justin Bieber. In addition, it is an icon for the LGBTQ + community. He is a non-binary and non-heteronormative person, which he has not been hiding for a long time.

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And musically?

In his work, he blurs the lines between pop, R&B and hip-hop. She primarily explores topics such as the hardships of growing up in the audience’s eye (which she experienced by the fact that as a teenager she was a member of the PopLifewhich came fourth in the program America’s Got Talent and provided the singer with the first publicity) and the intricacies of male-female relationships. Her lyrical style is very blunt, bold and easy-going, which gives a very interesting contrast in the face of warm arrangements, sweet foundations that she chooses. She is introspective and emotionally mature, and in her texts she tries to convey all the life lessons that her complicated biography has taught her.

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Her last moves are the longplay released in 2020 It Was Good Until It Wasn’twhich came in second place Top 200 Billboard and four guest verses by various artists, of which the u must be distinguished T-Painbecause it was the artist’s dream so far. The latest project is to be called Blue Water Road. We do not know the release date yet, we only know that it is to be released this winter. The singer shared the announcement in the form of a video on her Instagram.

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