Keira Knightley admitted that she was harassed! But that’s not all …

Keira became famous at the beginning of this year. The actress has stated that she will never again play the undress scene with the director being a man.

Now she turned it up by giving a strong interview to “Harper’s Bazaar”. Knightley referred to the problem of sexual harassment and confessed that she herself fell victim to it …

The actress confessed in an interview with the magazine that she does not know a woman in her environment who has not experienced sexual harassment at least once. She also had a problem with it more than once.

Knightley referred to the case of March when Sarah Everard was murdered outside London. Keira admitted that it was then that she realized that the problem of harassment was much more serious than she thought.

This situation prompted many women to speak out about the harassment. Their words show that they are increasingly concerned about their safety. Keira admitted that she then realized that she was involuntarily making sure she was safe when she returned home.

The actress also appreciated Baroness Jenny Jones, a British politician and member of the Green Party of England and Wales, who proposed the introduction of a curfew for men.

I must admit that Keira Knightley has the courage to talk about what is important, regardless of possible professional conventions.


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