Keira Knightley at the American edition of ELLE [ELLE Spy]

This time Keira Knightley chose a dress from the PRada brand. See how it presented itself at the ELLE gala.

The jubilee 25th edition of ELLE’s 25th Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration, organized by ELLE US, was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. The event once again became a pretext for a discussion on the position of women in show business, the solidarity that is born between them and the revolution caused by the #metoo campaign, this month celebrating its (hard to believe!) Anniversary. Hollywood cream itself appeared on the red carpet – incl. Lady Gaga (which opened up in a very personal speech to the issue of sexual harassment), Sarah Paulson, Mia Farrow (along with their son), Jennifer Lopez or just Keira Knightley. The British woman was among the distinguished people and was honored with the title of one of the “ELLE’s 2018 Women of Hollywood” and a commemorative statuette. For the occasion, the 33-year-old actress opted for an airy ballet-style tulle gown with a contrasting flower-shaped applique from Prada. She chose metallic sandals from Tabitha Simmons for the outfit. Delicate and rather subtle jewelry is Chanel, Knightley is the ambassador of this brand, so the choice of such accessories is not surprising. The styling perfectly harmonized with the image of Keira – she skillfully emphasized the actress’s ethereal and finesse, but also her strength of character, which she also showed during her speech that evening.

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