Keira Knightley at the premiere of the film in which she played the lead role. An actress in a Chanel dress was featured in salons

Keira Knightley gave birth to the second one in September 2019 kid. The actress does not like to share her private life with the media, which is why the information about the birth of her next child was provided by the paparazzi who followed her. The woman, deciding to start a family, took up a very important topic in public space, concerning acting and the nudity presented in it. She stated that she no longer wanted to show herself in all its glory in front of a large film crew, so she uses the help of a double in disassembled scenes. How do her views affect the career opportunities? For now, Keira cannot complain about the lack of them. The premiere took place on March 9 in London movie, in which Knightley played one of the main roles. She put it on for the occasion dress from Chanel. See how it looked!

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Keira Knightley shines in salons in a dress from Chanel

The British actress admitted that after the birth of her second child, she did not have time to take care of her image. She appeared on the red carpet a month after giving birth, but during an interview she stated that the official departure forced her to turn herself over to the hairdresser for the third time since the appearance of her next child in the world. This time, she also had to use the help of professionals. The actress certainly turned out to be good!

For the premiere of the movie “Misbehaviour” Keira chose a brand styling. She wore a very elegant lace midi dress from Chanel. Dress in shades of beige and cream it perfectly emphasized the porcelain complexion of the actress. Knightley marked the waist stripe and optically slimmed down with black high-heeled sandals. Admittedly, the figure of a young mother is enviable!

Keira KnightleyKeira Knightley Gazeta Agency

Keira opted for elegant accessories. Classic makeup with a dark eye and a smooth bun fit perfectly into the styling. In a class of its own!

How do you rate the creation of the British star? Would you spend a lot of money on this dress? It’s Chanel after all!


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