Keira Knightley complains about the objectification of women

The Miss World competition was very popular at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s. The final of the competition of selected candidates was broadcast live and watched by millions of TV viewers. The organization of the race for the title of “the most beautiful” aroused opposition from the members of the Women’s Liberation Movement, who accused the creators of the project of sexism and treating the participants objectively. They considered such contests as a tool for perpetuating harmful stereotypes, arguing that the event was a kind of instruction for women on how to look and behave so that men would find them attractive. This is why in 1970 a group of feminist activists burst onto the stage of the Royal Albert Hall to disrupt the final gala of the competition.

This year’s film “Niepokorna Miss”, in which Keira Knightley played one of the main roles, tells about this event. The star played the role of Sally Alexander, an ambitious student who joins the London circle of the Women’s Liberation Movement. As the actress points out, the demands of the then activists are very close to her. And emphasizes that discrimination against women, inter alia, in the professional sphere, it is still a current problem.

“When I read the script, I found myself completely in agreement with second-wave feminists, including the harmfulness of organizing beauty contests. Yet I earned most of my money as a model working for Chanel,” Knightley told the Australian daily The Daily Telegraph “.

As the star pointed out, the problem of the glass ceiling that prevents women from developing careers and earning comparable wages to men is a phenomenon that still exists. “Modeling is still the number one job for women. Because it’s the only industry where a woman can earn more than a man. The second job is prostitution. This tells us that what you look like is more important than what you have to say. This is what our world still looks like, “said Knightley.

The actress emphasized that while modeling has its advantages, the objectification of women, which characterizes this industry, is something unacceptable to her. “I am satisfied with the money I have earned, the lifestyle I have led and the experiences I have gained. But the objectification of women in this business is terrible and I do not agree to it. This is what our film is about – it shows two sides of the coin” – she added .

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