Keira Knightley does not allow her daughter to watch Disney’s fairy tales. Where did this decision come from?

The actress confessed that she forbids her daughter from screenings with Disney princesses in the lead role. Her arguments are right. But is it to the end?

Although the fate of not all the heroines of Disney’s fairy tales is limited only to waiting for a loved one who will change their lives, it is difficult to shake off the association that a long and happy future was determined by the presence of a man. This was also the case with the animated one Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty if Little Mermaid. Fortunately, Disney follows the changing standards and at a time when women can do more (which does not mean that they do not fight for their rights, on many levels they are constantly restricted), it relies on other heroines. The best examples are Elsa from “Frozen”, if Moanaand in the Polish version Vaiana. They are heroines with character, their own convictions, curious about the world, far from being promoted and unattainable ideals.

Despite this Keira Knightley, one of the most popular British actresses, does not allow her daughter Edie, born in 2015 (she also has a second daughter, Delilah, who was born in 2019) to watch Disney productions, including the aforementioned “Cinderella” and “Little Mermaid”. On Elle DeGeneres, the Briton said Disney’s 1950s Cinderella “is waiting for a rich guy to save her.” – Don’t take any chances. Let him save you. Of course – added the actress. ” And in the case of Ariel, Keira is most hurt by the fact that the heroine has to cast her vote in exchange for being with a man. – It irritates me terribly because I like all these fairy tales. I love “The Little Mermaid”, but I have to stick to my beliefs – explained Keira.

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He is right? Knightley, the star of one of Disney’s film productions, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, appreciates the aforementioned heroines, Viana and Elsa, whom she did not exclude from her daughter’s screenings. However, Katarzyna Czajka-Kominiarczuk, historian, sociologist, author of the blog “Popkulturalny Animal”, rightly noticed that such prohibitions are sometimes more dangerous than the message of a fairy tale itself. “Experience shows, however, that forbidden content always tastes sweetest. “Cinderella”, which may not make a big impression on a contemporary girl, if it becomes a forbidden work, may attract much more, writes Czajka-Kominiarczuk.

Following her line of reasoning, maybe a better approach than forbidding something to a child would be to work through a given topic in the form of a conversation. An explanation that the reality is completely different, giving more possibilities, undeniable. Well, this is the hypocrisy in some of the older Disney productions, because, as Czajka-Kominiarczuk notes, the heroines mentioned by Keira Knightley are strongly “smoothed and simplified in relation to their literary prototypes.”

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