Keira Knightley gave birth. We have the first photos of the actress with the baby!

Keira Knightley (34) has recently distanced herself from the media, all because of her second pregnancy. The actress and her husband – former musician Klaxons they already have a four-year-old daughter Edie. Now Keira’s family has grown larger. Even before the birth of her second child, the actress spoke loudly about the enormous pressure on women to present themselves impeccably after giving birth, in her speech she criticized the actions of Princess Kate.

Keira Knightley shopping in advanced pregnancy (PHOTOS)

Keira Knightley gave birth to a second child

Actress was noticed by photojournalists as she was going for a walk around London, together with her husband James Righton and their newborn baby. The couple got married in 2013, few people gave them a chance for a long-term and lasting relationship, but they are still happily in love. In January of this year Keira she said in an interview that she considers motherhood a difficult task for any mother. The actress is known for having a very rational approach to raising children. Her four-year-old daughter is banned from watching some of the fairy tales Disney. One of them is “Cinderella” – According to Keira presents bad patterns to little girls. In her opinion, it is not the prince who should save the fairy tale heroine, but she herself should be able to do it.

Keira Knightley OSTRO criticized Princess Kate

The actress looks radiant after pregnancy. Keira that day she was wearing an elegant bottle green coat. She chose comfortable flat shoes for the whole and hid her eyes behind black glasses. Happy dad of two children was pushing the stroller, Knightley instead, she was seen walking from ear to ear beside her husband, holding white flowers in her hand. Keira she became famous not only as a great actress, but also thanks to the preaching of feminist views. She believes that women are forbidden to speak out loud about their pain, hardships related to childbirth and raising children, and for her it is not a taboo topic. Do you think she will share her impressions after the second birth?

Congratulations to Keira!


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Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley on a walk with her husband and newborn baby. Photo: Forum/Backgrid UK

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley spotted by photojournalists in London shopping in advanced pregnancy Photo: Forum / Backgrid UK.

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley acts as a brand ambassador for Chanel, at the premiere of the latest film in which she plays one of the main roles. Photo: Forum/BACKGRID UK.

Smiling and happy Keira Knightley deals with the promotion of the latest film, in which she plays the main role. Photo: Forum/BACKGRID USA.

Kiera Knightly spotted by photojournalists on her way to her morning coffee. The actress promotes the latest film in which she plays the lead role. Photo: Forum/MegaAgency.

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