Keira Knightley on filming erotic scenes

Talking to a journalist from “Vulture”, Knightley recalled a scene from Joe Wright’s “Atonement” in which her character had sex with the character played by James McAvoy.

The actress admitted that she did not feel embarrassed during its production. She attributed the credit for this state of affairs to a director who had this scene planned down to the smallest detail.

“He instructed us – the foot is to go here, the hands are to go here. Me and James felt at ease and we weren’t exposed so we could handle it. It’s never fun, but it was tolerable this time.”

Knightley also pointed out what the director’s behavior does not help in filming stripped scenes.

“The worst thing is when the director says,” You know what to do. “I often don’t know the actor who accompanies me in this scene, and in addition, we are in a room full of strangers” – said the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Thanks to the experiences from previous sets, the actress knew how to talk to directors about the production of embarrassing scenes: “James Kent [reżyserowi jej ostatniego filmu “W domu innego”] I said: you know what you want from us, tell us about it. And everyone will feel at ease. “

“At Home Another” will hit Polish cinemas on March 29, 2019.


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