Keira Knightley was certain Pirates of the Caribbean failed, Love Actually director reveals

During the rom-com cast reunion, Richard Curtis revealed that the British actress was certain the flop de The curse of the first moon. Luckily Knightley is definitely better as an actress than a fortune teller

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Keira Knightley she is only 37 years old yet her career, which began when she was still a teenager, led her to be a star very early. Barely of age, the actress was already on the launch pad with two films that have become cult today: Love Actually and The Curse of the Black Pearl. The first chapter of the saga of Pirates of the CaribbeanHowever, Knightley was not very convinced, and he participated in the film without having high hopes for the film. The future Elizabeth Swann also revealed her perplexities to the director Richard Curtiswhile filming their own of Love Actually.

Keira didn’t believe in pirates

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During The Laughter & Secrets of Love Actually: 20 Years Later, the event promoted by ABC which brought together all the protagonists of the beloved romantic comedy, many curiosities were also discovered. However, the biggest scoop concerning a then very young Keira Knightley is not that the actress wore the iconic “newsboy” hat to hide a pimple on her forehead. The real news is that Juliet’s interpreter in Richard Curtis’s film was already thinking about her next commitment during filming: an absurd project based on a Disneyland attraction, which she didn’t believe too much either. The director of Love Actually: “I remember one day during filming I was sitting with Keira talking and I asked her ‘What are you going to do next?’. She said ‘Something I don’t think will work. It’s a pirate film and this genre always goes badly.’ To tell the truth, it must be said that the adventures of buccaneers and privateers don’t always make inroads into the public, not even when there are masters like Roman Polanski behind the camera. Pirates of the CaribbeanHowever, he was an “animal” different from the others and, thanks above all to a cast that also included stars of the caliber of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, it proved to be an almost instantaneous success, disproving the doubts of skeptics such as Knightley. Certainly she, the actress, was not sorry for having made a sensational mistake and she participated, after the unexpected success of The curse of the first moon, even to the two sequels. Elizabeth Swann’s evolution from aristocratic damsel in distress to resolute heroine will ultimately also follow her professional trajectory: during the Keira Knightley saga she will go from insecure interpreter of high hopes to full-blown star eager for new challenges. From Pirates of the Caribbean the ship of one of the most popular actresses of her generation has sailed. He wouldn’t tell her either.

The actress who didn’t want to be a star


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Keira Knightley is so familiar to us because she has been on our screens for a lifetime, just think that at just fourteen she was already making her debut in one of the most popular sagas in cinema: Star Wars. From then on, the actress never stopped, in a continuous crescendo that made her alternate very different roles in productions with different ambitions. It seems almost absurd to think that Knightley had never dreamed of participating in a blockbuster of the level of Pirates of the Caribbean, almost as if the idea of ​​being a recognized and acclaimed star in every part of the world scared her a little. Indeed, in part she was like this: “If I went back, I would do it all again, because now I am very lucky and my career is at a point where I can really enjoy it. My level of fame is much less overwhelming. Now I can handle it, and it’s great. But I wasn’t that good at it at the time, and it took me several years in therapy to figure out how to handle fame,” the diva recently revealed. This ability to better manage notoriety is obviously the daughter of her maturity, which no longer makes her react more like the eighteen-year-old Keira who in 2003 ringed successes such as Love Actually and The Curse of the Black Pearl almost without realizing it. However, part of the newfound peace of mind must also be ascribed to the fact that the actress can finally follow the path that makes her feel most valued: “I know I was lucky to be part of those great films, but it was never what I wanted from my profession. I’ve always loved those complicated, interesting, weird characters.” Today Keira Knightley can be the actress she has always wanted, playing strong women and certainly more multifaceted characters. Despite everything, however, none of this would have been possible without Elizabeth Swann and that film in which no one really believed, not even her.

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