Keira Knightley will play a journalist tracking down the Strangler from

According to the portal “Deadline”, Keira Knightley in the movie “Boston Strangler” will play the role of Loretta McLaughlin, a journalist who was the first to combine a series of murders committed in Boston and pointed out that she may be perpetrated by one perpetrator. She and her colleague Jean Cole wrote tirelessly about the sexism that characterized Boston in the early 1960s. They also made sure that the city’s residents were kept informed about what was going on there. For McLaughlin, following the Strangler case was a dangerous and dangerous matter. On her occasion, she also found a corruption trail that called into question Albert DeSalvo’s confession to the murders he had committed.

Albert DeSalvo, known as the Boston Strangler, operated in Boston from 1962 to 1964. Thirteen women were the victims of this one of the most famous serial killers in history. Usually, disguised as a detective, he would enter their apartments, and after rape, he strangled them with a stocking. The appearance of the rapist was described by one of his would-be victims. Detained and accused of a series of murders, DeSalvo confessed to them, although in the following years there was no shortage of opinions that he did not commit all the murders attributed to him.

Matt Ruskin will not only direct the film, which will start shooting in Boston in December, but also wrote the script for it. The Boston-based creator contacted the McLaughlin and Cole families, and accessed their records and investigation into the Boston Strangler. DeSalvo’s story was previously screened in the 1968 film, starring Tony Curtis in the title role.

Later this year, Keira Knightley can be seen in the movie “Silent Night”, in which she starred with, among others, Lily-Rose Depp and Annabelle Wallis. The film tells the story of three friends who are getting ready to meet their loved ones on the occasion of Christmas. “Everything seems to be perfectly organized with one small exception: they will all die,” we read in the official description of the plot of Camille Griffin.

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