Keira Knightley wrapped up like a snowman, goes on a date with her husband (PHOTOS)

Keira Knightley (34) gave birth to a second daughter some time ago. The actress revealed that she must be inventive when planning small everyday activities. Knightley has a really healthy approach to parenting. The actress decided to take advantage of the time off and went for a romantic walk with her husband.

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Keira and her husband James Righton they have been creating a successful relationship for six years. They married in 2013 and are raising two daughters together, Edie (4) and two-month-old Delilah. As a mum of two, Knightley certainly has a lot less time to herself. The star on the walk smiled from ear to ear. You can see that little things make her a lot of fun. Together with her husband, they walked side by side, enjoying the cool autumn weather.

Keira looked radiant for a young mother. The star gave up makeup and for a walk she dressed in a warm, down jacket with a hood, the price of which is almost PLN 7,000. It is a project Rick Owens. Downstairs, she put on wide-leg pants and tucked them up. She combined her stylization with bright sneakers. The whole thing looked comfortable and the star certainly did not get cold. Her husband is an admirer of the classics and he wore an elegant coat for the walk.

Keira in one of the interviews, she announced that she intends to take six months of maternity leave before returning to work. The actress wants to spend time with her family.

Keira Knightley

Photo: Forum/BACKGRID

Keira Knightley

Photo: Forum/BACKGRID

Is motherhood good for her?


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