Keiry Knightley: My Dyslexic Life

She was five when she went to school. Initially, she was the best student. She read books to all the children. She thought of herself as someone who was above average intelligent. Keira’s mother, Sharman Macdonald, an award-winning drama writer, read a lot to her and the girl remembered the content of the books. When she finally got a book to read that she didn’t know at the age of six, her secret was revealed. It turned out that he was dyslexic and could not read a word. So she lost her star status among her peers and found herself at the bottom of the school hierarchy.

Dyslexia occurs when reading and writing difficulties occur with normal (and often higher than average) intelligence and free access to education. The first case was described in 1896 by Pringle-Morgan, a doctor from Sussex. According to various estimates, 5 to 15 percent suffer from dyslexia. population. It is assumed that it occurs at least twice as often in boys than in girls. Dyslexics were, among others Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and Pablo Picasso. Also heroes of mass culture, like actors Tom Cruise or Orlando Bloom.

Keira, with the help of specialists, learned to read and write, and she was motivated to work on herself by the promised award – she was allowed to pursue acting. The girl attended theater classes and was enrolled in an acting agency. Throughout her childhood, she played small film and theater roles.

“Dyslexia taught me the work ethic – I have to prepare more and longer than the others because I read the script longer. I make it clear to directors that I must not give a freshly reworked dialogue and expect me to play it well in an hour or two. And if you ask me to read it” a piece of paper that I have never seen before, it will all jump in front of my eyes and the effect will be quite surprising, “Knightley explains in a promotional video for Made by Dyslexia.

This star never got a formal acting education. What’s more, she has not finished high school and has no final exams. The set was her university. She was nominated for an Oscar twice, several times for BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards.

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