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Waiting for the return of TPMP which promises to be full of surprises, Kelly Vedovelli is currently spending her holidays in Cannes. In addition to sunbathing, swimming and parties, the columnist also has many encounters with her fans, to whom she never refuses a photo. Unfortunately, it regularly happens to some of them to be clumsy thinking of paying a compliment to their idol in the street or on social networks.

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Got this reflection on the street 3X a day

Indeed, Kelly Vedovelli recently shared a message she had received from a subscriber on which it is written: “Hello Kelly. First let me introduce myself I am a father of two girls. With my wife, we love the way you give your opinion. Keep it up. I wanted to congratulate you on your weight loss. Bravo being a former obese I know that it is extremely difficult to lose weight. Well done“.

Embarrassed, and gently annoyed, the one who revealed the name of her amazing fantasy wanted to make things clear: “So thank you, but I have not lost weight, the TV gives an average of 5 kg more. I notify it once and for all because I have this reflection in the street 3X a day, it’s not nice to be crazy lol“.

We hope for her that her fans will have understood the message! In this case, Kelly Vedovelli will be able to continue to enjoy her vacation quietly before returning to the sets of TPMP for a busy back-to-school season!

Shut it down once and for all!

TPMP! The most commented TALK N° 1 of the PAF is back for a 12th season on C8 with always more than 2 hours of live! New faces, new chronicles, and always more debates, topics at the heart of the news, exclusives, surprises and of course Darka! See you on Monday September 4 from 5:50 p.m. live on C8“, recently communicated the channel. Among these new faces, we should find that of Zahia Dehar. Quickly, rumors of a rivalry with Kelly emerged and the pretty blonde immediately spoke up to calm everyone down. world.

Don’t start talking nonsense, everyone. I never had any rivalry with anyone“, she said on Instagram, before adding: “Especially since it was me who submitted the idea of ​​​​Zahia to the production, she revealed. Shut it down once and for all!“.

We can’t wait to be on September 4 to discover this new season!

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