Kendall and Kylie Jenner launching a makeup collab. Learn where to find

An end to the uncertainty! After a long wait from the fans and some spoilerscollection, makeup, signed Kendall Jenner Kylie for Cosmetics, in the end was revealed.

In collab the result with some items, preferred model and invited others who had not been part of the brand portfolio. Moreover, they come in packs to leave any makeup, passionate, with a desire to have them on nécessaire.

“I am so excited to finally tell collection, Kendall and Kylie, we worked as much time and work with her sister. Everything that happens, but the release was postponed several times. Therefore, I am pleased to have the opportunity to show it to you,” said Kendall in the history of Instagram.


Line of different items such as eyeshadow palette, the colors are dense and metallic ($225), blush pencil ($139), light stick ($ 96), a set blush for lips ($139) and gloss ($ 96). Everything is already on sale on the website Kylie Cosmetics.

In Instagram, the brand posted a photo of products from essay “slaughter” made bed. “We made this session, the photo shoot for the packaging, maybe, two years? And a half years. So much time… I am very glad that in the end, to be showing,” said the businessman.

Chris, Kim and Khloe Kardashian have also collaborated with the cosmetics line, launched three years ago.

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