Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker were again seen together! These two loves combined movement…

Kendall Jenner

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A month after Kendall Jenner and basketball player Devin Booker they were caught on a total tour tourist tourism after the United States, the pair were back together in the car. This is still a purely Platonic friendship?!

Kendall Jenner she’s very reserved when it comes about his personal life. It’s actually the only person from the family The Kardashian-Jennerthat really doesn’t want fans to know about her too much. A super model is not divided with him in the family reality show, which is rare, but nevertheless still there. Praises also pics of the guys in your social networks and tells about them in an interview.

The only information that fall within the press about matters of the heart, celebrities are those provided by tracking it every step of paparazzi and informants from among Kendall. And what pity, because the model has quite a rich personal life…

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker a couple?

Already a month ago, we thought that combines Kendall Kenner and Devin Booker. Immediately after another breakup with Ben Siemens celebrytka was seen accompanied by the following player, and is within a few hundred miles away from home!

Meanwhile, a month later, paparazzi caught again Kendall and Devin time. And again the couple was in the car!

This time Kendall was driving. Celebrytka apparently stripped the basketball from the airport near Los Angeles. Where they were going? This is not known.

Pictures published American and you can see them >HERE<.

What do you think? It’s still only friends? Madonna almost naked; Beyonce can’t wear masks?!

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