Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker’s relationship ends

The first rumors of the romance between Kendall and Devin started in April 2020.

The first rumors of the romance between Kendall and Devin started in April 2020.

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Apparently, Kendall Jenner’s romance with Devin Booker has come to an end. After two years together, the couple would have put an end to the relationship, according to the publication of E! News.

A source close to the star of ‘The Kardashian’, told the vehicle on Wednesday, the 22nd, that the lovebirds have been through a rough patch recently and have been separated for about a week and a half.

When they returned from Italy after sister Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding festivities, “they started to feel like they weren’t aligned and realized that they have very different lifestyles,” he explained.

The cosmetics multimillionaire reportedly told the basketball player that she “wanted space and time apart”. “They’ve been in touch ever since and care about each other,” she details. Finally, this may not be a permanent separation, as the informant notes. “Both hope it works, but from now on they are separated”, he concluded.


The first rumors of romance between them happened in April 2020, when they were seen driving together in Arizona. With a few weeks of speculation, the couple started dating in June of that year.

In February 2021, Kendall made the romance official by sharing a photo with her beloved. In June, she took the opportunity to publish some very romantic clicks in Stories to celebrate the birthday of a master. Devin was not far behind and also made a publication with the photo of the beauty calling her “the most beautiful woman”.

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