Kendall Jenner announces engagement and pregnancy. Family reaction

Kendall Jenner announced to her family that she was engaged and pregnant. She provided the information over the phone. How did Kris Jenner and her sisters react?

For over a decade, you can watch the private life of America’s most famous family. Thanks Keeping Up With The Kardashians we got to know the life of the Kardashian-Jenner family. We watched Kendall and Kylie growing up, Kim Kardashian’s wedding, Khloe Kardashian’s birth and many other crazy stories.

The family never missed an opportunity to share news on the program. There is an exception Kendall Jenner and her love life. This is basically the only person in the family who has long been famous for her single life. Recently, however, her heart has been busy. While he is not in the habit of flaunting with his partners on Instagram, it is already known that he is dating NBA star Devin Booker.

Kendall is much more reserved than her older sisters. Especially when it comes to relationships. The person who is easiest to talk to is Kylie Jenner.

Kylie is really happy that Kendall has found someone to spend time with. He knows Kenny has a hard time finding someone. He sees that Kendall really likes Devin and enjoys his company … Kylie and the rest of the family seem to like Devin – the informant revealed Hollywood Life.

When the girl announced on the phone to her loved ones that she was engaged and pregnant, their reaction was really surprising.

Kendall Jenner announced her engagement and pregnancy

Kendall met her older sister Kourtney Kardashian. They played a game of truth or dare while sipping Jenner 818 Tequila drinks. It was then that the opportunity arose to notify the family of the pregnancy and the engagement. Jenner laughed at both challenges.

First she screwed on the other sisters, bought a ring, and over the phone announced with joy that she was engaged.

It’s amazing, Kourtney laughed, You know Khloé is about to write a story.

However, the Kendall sisters knew immediately that something was wrong. Almost immediately after sending the message, Kylie Jenner called her older sister.

You’re lying, she said, noting that the ring did not match her.

Kim Kardashian also did not buy the message of the engagement. It was easier with Kris and the pregnancy information. She told her mother that she had tested twice and was positive twice.

It’s so strange that you just told me this, because I dreamed about it last night, she said to her daughter, who had to suppress a laugh immediately. I think that’s great news (…).

She started talking about support and how great news was.

Mom, I’m just kidding. Mom, I’m from Kourtney, Kendall finally took pity.

Kris breathed out and cursed, saying:

(…) I’ll go and put the champagne back on the ice.

In this way, it was the youngest of the family who decided to joke with her loved ones. It must be admitted, however, that they know it well and it was not easy to turn them on.

Below is a video with the fun of the sisters.

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