Kendall Jenner: Blonde (tinted) brows and dark hair

Kendall Jenner Light Brows AP

Goodbye old contrast. Kendall Jenner reverses the trend. Her brows are no longer dark but very blond. Highlighted even more by brown locks (AP)

Kendall Jenner does it all to amaze his followers. The latest beauty look of the model, in fact, has overturned one of the most loved trends by her stars: dark eyebrows in contrast with light hair. The combination launched by Dua Lipa and followed by many celebs has been overturned by Kendall, who sported very light browbones and brown hair. The result? It is conspicuous.

Kendall Jenner and blonde brows

Very clear, glacial, barely visible: so Kendall Jenner’s eyebrows disappear. Just look at these pictures. The viewer’s eye is immediately captured by theblonde arch. She is highlighted even more by the brown of her hair, softened with some caramel nuances. And then give it extra long lashes, that almost hide the very blond eyebrows. Kendall doesn’t exaggerate even with the make-up: she lets all the attention be captured by that very clear detail under the forehead.

The old contrast loved by the stars

And here’s the original look: dark eyebrows on light hair. They flaunted them Margot Robbie, Chiara Ferragni, Miriam Leone. Suitable for everyone, it is a decidedly natural contrast. In fact, eyebrows are naturally darker than two or three tone hair. The contrast, in this case, tends to turn on the blonde tint. Better if with a few tips of regrowth that recalls the natural dark color of the eyebrows.

Intense and magnetic look

The final result, in either case, is a total focus on the eyes. The contrast between light eyebrows and dark hair, in fact, ends up creating the same effect as the opposite contrast: make the gaze more intense and magnetic. But if in the first case it is the natural effect that wins, in the second case the effect is decidedly constructed. In fact, Kendall Jenner’s eyebrows have one goal: to surprise and get noticed. With all due respect to natural style.

Find out in the gallery how to draw perfect eyebrows with make-up.


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