Kendall Jenner Celebrates US Victory in Tokyo! Devin Booker is her guy

Devin Booker
Author: Meng Yongmin / Xinhua News / East News

The Olympics in Tokyo are drawing to a close. We have already met gold medalists in basketball – the representatives of the United States became them. Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend, Devin Booker, happens to be in the national team. The celebrity did not have the opportunity to cheer him in person in Tokyo, but did not forget about congratulations on the Internet.

The Tokyo Olympics are exciting all over the world. The struggles of athletes are admired by fans from all over the world, even those who are not everyday sports fans. He is very personal to the Olympics too Kendall Jennerwhose boyfriend Devin Booker he fought the US basketball team for victory. And they succeeded – American basketball players returned home with a gold medal after defeating France in the final.

Maciej Dowbor after the defeat of the volleyball players in Tokyo: “Some fate!”

All American fans from Kendall Jenner at the forefront. Of course, the celebrity could not cheer on her beloved on the spot, but she kept her fingers crossed for her lover. The model meets with Devin Booker for a long time, however, cares about her privacy very much and rarely reminds fans of her relationship. The couple officially revealed only on Valentine’s Day 2021.


Kendall Jenner congratulates her lover

Kendall Jenner However, she did not forget about congratulations to her beloved after the victory of the US national team at the Olympics. The celebrity added an entry on Insta Story, in which she posted a frame from the match with her beloved and the gold medal icon. It was enough for the media around the world to write about the couple.

Fans Kendall Jenner still waiting for more frequent exits of the model and her lover. Paparazzi hardly have the opportunity to watch them together, because the couple are very protected from publicity.

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