Kendall Jenner defends her extremely WRONG wedding dress

She allegedly had permission for it from the bride.

Kendall Jenner insists she obtained the bride’s approval to wear the controversial, full-body Monôt dress for Lauren Perez’s wedding in November 2021.

Kendall Jenner has LENGTHEN the silhouette in Photoshop

Kendall Jenner about the wrong wedding dress

Kendall Jenner’s bold wardrobe choices have set the Internet on fire. The supermodel has just revealed that she “obviously” got her friend’s “approval in advance”:

She LOOKED STUNNING, Perez said under one of the comments.

Suitable for a wedding?

A heated discussion began in the comments under the latest photo of Lauren Perez on Instagram. A friend of Jenner posted a photo of the day she married David Waltzer. The photo shows Kendall in a bold outfit.

Does Kendall Jenner really deserve the title of “Most Natural Kardashian”?

Moments later, Jenner was hailed as “naughty”, “cheesy” and “disrespectful” on social media for wearing an incredibly sexy gown.

It was reportedly a tasteful party chaired by a rabbi and men wearing skullcaps. People on social media felt that Kendall had committed a huge faux pas.

What is your opinion?

Kendall Jenner is worried about her own life! The psychophan threatens her with DEATH

Justin bieber

© Provided by Kozaczek
Justin bieber

Kendall Jenner highlighted the long legs.

© Provided by Kozaczek
Kendall Jenner highlighted the long legs.

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